The Quick Way to Deactivate (but not delete!) Your Account

  1. Log in to facebook
  2. Go to Account (upper right corner of the page)
  3. Click Deactivate on the bottom of the Settings screen.
  4. Arrive at an “Are you sure” page, professing your friends will miss you.  Do you really want to belong to something this desperate?
  5. Choose from the list of reasons, give a more detailed reason if you wish. There is a paragraph there about addressing privacy concerns if that is what you give for the reason.  They know people are concerned, and concerned for good reason.
  6. Opt out of future e-mails by selecting the box.
  7. Click Deactivate My Account
  8. Type in the words of the captcha.  This is to make sure you are not some mass Facebook profile deleting robot.
  9. Finally, click Deactivate.

You’re done.  But you can still come grovelling back if you can’t live without it. 😉