How to Delete Your Facebook Account

Only takes a minute … and 14 days.

  1. Click this link:
  2. Click on Submit only if you are sure you want to delete the account, FOREVER.
  3. Last chance!  Once you click on Submit, you’ll be taken to a page where upon clicking  Okay your account will be deleted. Forever. Permanently. Gone. In 14 days.
  4. Within this 14 days, if you really wish to have your account deleted, do not try and log in to check or make sure it is deleted.  If you do it can stop the process completely.  Set a date on your calendar for 15 days in the future and try not to think about it.

Now go outside. Don’t be afraid of the burning ball of fire in the sky, you’ll grow to appreciate it.  Your real friends are out there!  Find them!