Facebook is Annoying

Three years ago I started this blog as a joke, but it seems like deleting facebook account and getting rid of it is a serious search inquiry that people are looking for and alot.
If you have a facebook account and you want to delete it, you can by visiting your account settings and clicking on the delete account link however that doesn’t mean that you will delete it permanently. Facebook can save the data so technically it will never been deleted.

I personally not a big fan of facebook. I have an account that I barely use. I don’t post photos not update my status. I use it to read some random stuff that people post or simply to see what others are saying or doing. I don’t really care about their business but in facebook you can’t miss that! the problem with facebook is that some people are more annoying by posting just to attract attention so I qualify those people that do so as sick.

The best way to delete your facebook is to keep the very minimum data, let’s say a photo that is decent, and to keep the minmum info about your life. You don’t need to tell the poeple when you are going to buy vegetable oil or at what aisle.. keep it personal.

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Are You Aware of What Facebook Info You Share

Check out this discussion on reddit.com of what Facebook shares with other Facebook users, Application Developers and Facebook Partner sites.  Notice there are some things you cannot prevent some applications from knowing.

From the discussion, it seems all these are turned on by default.

Profit above Privacy.

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Welcome to HowToDeleteMyFacebookAccount.com

In honor of  National Kill Your Facebook Page Day, this site has been created to facilitate the process of leaving Facebook.

Why should I leave facebook you ask?  Here are some links to show you why some people think you should.

Business Insider: 10 Reasons to Delete Your Facebook Account

Facebook Just Doesn’t Get Why People Are Concerned

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How to delete my facebook account

Ever tried to leave Facebook and found out they only allow you to “deactivate” your account? All your personal data, including photos, interests, friends etc will still be saved indefinitely! You don’t have to be a conspiracist to find this quite fishy (or simply annoying)!

Check out our guides to delete your account in the top menu.

Deactivate – Close your account, but still be able to reactivate it at any time.

Delete – Completely delete your account for good. (Once the 14 day think-it-over period is over)

Wipe From Existence – A special technique for wiping your account out in one easy step!

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i want to delete ws wel
25 August 11 at 07:42
Fransie Marais
I want to delete my duplicate profile but do noy know how to do it.
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